Frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions.
If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.
We’re sure we'll have an answer for you.

Is registration on for free?
Registration is absolutely free.
As you can see from the registration data, we do not request your full address..
This means we do not have the details that we would need to collect any hidden costs.
Are there any subscription fees or other hidden costs?
No. As you can see, we use a simple pre-paid system. .
There's no contract of any kind.
You simply top up your account via a provider of your choice, whenever you want.
If your account has no more Coins, it's completely up to you whether you top it up, or not.
Thanks to our payment providers, you can see that the actual costs are absolutely transparent and so you're the one who is fully in control the costs are and what you're getting for your money.
What's more, thanks to Bonus Coins you can also have fun here without any real money at all..
Are there really no hidden subscription traps?
Absolutely, totally and completely not. I have personally gone through all the small print again, and not found a single thing.
But seriously, there is no fixed financial commitment for any period of time
Everyone can come and go as they please.
The only time when you might have to part with real money is when you buy our Coins,
and there you can see what costs are and what you're getting for your money.
What do I need to do to register?
To register, you need a valid email address and a mobile phone.
We send an activation link to the email address you give us, so that we can check that the address is correct.
This double activation ensures that there ,
are no fake profiles that could end up blocking the portal with spam.
Can I add to my profile at a later date?
Of course, you can alter or extend your profile at any time
That's important, as other users can then find you more easily.
When you have a photo in your profile, you'll found more quickly.
Can I delete my profile?
Of course you can. Everyone can come and go as they please.
When you've found a partner or, if you just don’t want to take part any more,
just click on the following link CLICK HERE and you will be asked to confirm this step.
By clicking on “Yes” your account will be deleted irrevocably.
There is no need for further formalities,
or send faxes or emails that cost money.
Deleting is very easy; all you need is just one click. But be aware: This is finally. A new registration won’t be allowed or possible, so in case you just feel misunderstood due to a conversation or things like that, better think about this step in peace.
What advantages do I have from this website?
It's all about flirts
Here you can first get to know each other anonymously before you take the next step.
Neither your mobile number, nor any of your personal details, will be made known because everything runs over our system.
This way you're safe from stalkers and fraudsters.

After all, jokers or tricksters aren't going to waste good money sending spam or jokes.
Why should I pay here when other sites are free?
Sorry to dampen your spirits, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.
Of course there are numerous communities and contact forums that at first sight appear to be free of charge,
but behind the scenes they're doing a thriving trade with your data.
The advertising industry is always overjoyed when it can get its hands on personal data.
But common sense should tell you that the people working with such internet portals can't live on love, or air;
they also have to pay their bills.
And because we don’t want to pay our staff with just a limp handshake,
we've introduced a simple payment system here.
The great advantage for you is that there are no pop-ups or advertising partners integrated into our web pages, so your data really does remain confidential.
And thanks to the payment system that we use on our internet portal, all the spammers and jokers are kept out.
How? Well, because they're only interested in using free websites for their fun and games.
Spammers are not normally prepared to spend money for their spamming activities.
Is the payment system safe?
There are several methods of payment. Many people, for example, use PayPal as their online payment.
So we have also decided to use the PayPal system on our sites.
We aren't interested in your bank account details
The entire payment takes part via safe SSL connection via PayPal.
Can I test this without paying?
Sure! As soon as you've registered you get welcome Coins.
These help you to get started straight away. If you're not really sure about the whole thing, or if you feel it's not really right for you,
you can get a friend to register and then test the system with him/her.
This doesn't cost you anything and you can see how our site works.
How do I get Coins?
One way is to register for a test. On registering you'll get a certain amount of Coins.
There are other ways to top up your Coin account, too.
How big a file can I upload?
Uploads are currently limited to 2 MB per file.
Only jpg or png files may be used for images.
These are the formats normally used with digital cameras.
Someone is using a stolen photo, what should I do?
Please report the person! Just write to our customer support department and tell us why you think that the image is a stolen one.
I have received an advertisement within What should I do?
Please report the person! We will warn such people off or, alternatively, immediately delete their profiles. We want to remain free of advertising.
So please write an email to
and include the nickname and offending email.
What can I do if I feel I am being harassed by another user?
If a user violates our general terms and conditions, please report him/her to support.
I can’t upload my photo, what should I do?
If you have problems uploading a picture, please send us your nickname and the picture to
I have uploaded a photo but it was deleted again. Why?
As far as profile photos go, we can only accept portrait photos, and only under certain conditions full body photos.
We cannot publish details like eyes, cartoons, pictures of children or animals, erotic images, drawings or any image
would could be classified as illegal.
I can't log in any more. Why not?
If you can't log in, although you haven't terminated your registration,
check out your nickname and your profile.
If you have received the message 'deactivated', it means that you have violated our General Terms & Conditions. This might simply have occurred by putting your email address, URL, or telephone number in your profile.
On the other hand you might have been advertising or spamming. Another reason might, for example, be due to excessive harassment of another user,
or the use of a false identity (stating you are a woman although you are really a man) or using photos of another person.
If you have not violated our General Terms and Conditions, then please contact us at
Why are there more women than men?
We have thought about this ourselfes quite a while actually and think it's because women aren't looking for people just contacting them for fun or because they are bored,
which you find a lot on free-costs pages,
Therefore we have the best plattform for them here.
I'm having problems with the display of the website
We hear time and time again that some members are having problems with the format of our portal.
However, it normally transpires that these members are using positively ancient versions of the web browsers.
These include dinosaurs like Netscape, various Telecom browsers or even the AOL Browser.
We no longer live in the 20th century, HTML has been constantly developing since then.
We're talking about HTML 5 or CSS3.
Old browsers can no longer show these features.
For your own protection you should always have the latest version of the browser installed, to ensure that you remain free of viruses.
So if you are having format problems, it could well be that you are not using the latest version of the browser.
We always recommend Google Chrome or Firefox, but which oneyou decide to use is, of course, a matter of taste.
Here is a selection of the most popular browsers which are currently available, and which you can install free of charge.